Our company (Sumatra Pasak Bumi), and this website, sell tongkat ali in various forms, as well as a few other herbals. We are a trading enterprise, not a medical clinic. We sell a herbal of which a good number of researchers believe that it has substantial potential. But our expertise is in sourcing this rare plant, not in medical applications for it. If you are interested in tongkat ali and the latest research about it, you may want to google it. For more qualified query results, we recommend: scholar.google.com

On Google Scholar, please use the scientific name for tongkat ali, Eurycoma longifolia. Go to a healthcare professional for medical advice. Come to us if you want tongkat ali that is indeed tongkat ali, and not a fake laced with analogues of prescription medications that have not even been approved in veterinary medicine.

We are a government-supervised facility, our products have been tested and verified in government labs, and are approved by the Indonesian Department of Health. And this is not just a claim, as can be seen from ample photographic evidence on this site.